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Jesse Smith, Jr. is the owner of Financial Legacy Firm, a consulting firm that offers consultation, debt elimination and wealth creation solutions to individuals, small businesses and non-profit organizations.  He has received numerous awards for his productivity and ability to build and manage sales teams with several national and international financial services companies. He consults regularly with executives from a variety of fields to help create resolutions to world-impacting problems.

Known for crafting the needed lifestyle balance for individuals and organizations, Jesse offers an unmatched level of lifestyle awareness, insight, and managerial skills helping his clients realize their full potential.  With a reputation for understanding his clients, judicious use of resources and obtaining results, Jesse specializes in listening to and providing for the needs of his clients.

A recognized financial expert, educator and an accomplished speaker, Jesse’s work has been instrumental in his position as the leader of The Unlimited Potential Team.  He has written and lectured on the importance of systems and strategies that enable families to live the life of their dreams. 

Jesse has published numerous articles in leading trade journals and business magazines, including The Financial Beacon.  He has recently been honored with the voice of the leader award was a co-founding member of Leaders Achieving Excellence, a networking and referring group of business owners and entrepreneurs based out of Oklahoma City.

Jesse was instrumental in laying the groundwork for the establishment of Living Healthy Growing Wealthy Inc.  He worked directly with a team of leaders from customer-focused companies for more than a year to create this company.  

Prior to joining Living Healthy Growing Wealthy, Jesse held various positions as Director of International Sales & Marketing, Manager of Business Development, and Sales Manager for a New York Stock Exchange company.


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          Financial Legacy Firm's Associates and Staff: 


Jay is responsible for the daily operations of Super Wealth System.  His duties include ensuring and improving the performance, productivity, efficiency and profitabitity of the organization. Jay conducts daily meetings to give information, takes feedback and provides updated training.  He also sets weekly and monthly goals.
With an extensive knowledge of process optimization and an unsurpassed work ethic, Jay manages and plans nationawide speaking engagements and is spearheading our expansion into Canada. He deservedly earned Top Performer of the Quarter Award in September 2016.

                             Elda Torres  - Senior Marketing Manager

Elda Torres manages the day-to-day marketing, promotions and merchandising activity around print, digital and additional brand assets.  Elda works closely with the sales staff developing and executing integrated and added value programs for Financial Legacy Firm.  She also develops research-based sales materials such as the questionnaires, seminar tickets and mailings.

Her superior ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously, oversee both sales and marketing staff and participate in strategic planning are valuable assets to our company, staff and clients.

                             Naijja C. Smith - Social Media Specialist 

Naijja developed Super Wealth System's social media marketing strategy including respective elements of social  channel management and social media creative and emerging technologies. Naijja planned and implemented social marketing strategies to expand social audiences, increase engagement and to support digital campaigns.

Ms. Smith has established and managed social media presences on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google+ and other social platforms for several brands such as Kingdon-Builder, Painless Donations and Frontline Communications Inc.  

Naijja is highly skilled in overseeing daily management of social media content and a great asset to Super Wealth System.

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Address: 5350 S. Western Ave. Suite 207, Oklahoma City, OK. 73109



"Positive, practical, motivating and empowering.  Good reminder that there is hope!  I truly appreciate Jesse's enthusiasm, relevant and applicable information" - Lauren Hicks

"I had invited Jesse to come and speak at a business council event and I'm very glad I did.  Not only was his presentation excellent, he captivated the audience with his energy and stories.  The feedback I receive from the audience was that he was one of the best presenters they had the opportunity to hear.  I would recommend Jesse for any audience from college students to company CEO's.  Believe me, you will not regret it." -  Ryan Crandall

"Provided the insight and the actual steps to change our lives.  If anyone needs a great person to speak with about investing and money matters, Jesse is the one to get in touch with.  We would recommend Jesse over and over!" - Antony and Tyana Dixon

"I like that Jesse invited the audience to participate.  This presentation has substance and makes sense!  It was also a clear concise direction to the pursuit of happiness." - Cheryl Scott

"As Jesse pointed out at the initial meeting, most other seminars tell you to do something different and after a few weeks, you are back doing the same thing that didn't work before.  This program forces you to be accountable because Jesse personally follows up and make sure that you actually do what you are taught."  Cheryl Grant

"Great energy in his presentation.  It drills down to the heart of the problem most of us face."  - Tanya Dorsey

"Passion, energy and great information in this presentation."  -
Vern Andrews

"Focused well laid out content and thought provoking.  Very energetic and good audience involvement."  - Leslie Saunders

"Enthusiasm, conviction and recognition that the power that lies within is a choice.  Most encouraging!"  - David Penn

"Passion, energy and great variety of useful and thought provoking ideas." - Marita Darling

"Jesse Smith is a speaker who knows how to connect with his audience.  Passionate is a perfect description of the man.  He will succeed in raising the awareness level of any member of your organization.  I recommend him to you without reservation." - Veronica Hughes
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