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       The Mortgage and Debt Elimination Program

The role of the Church has taken a critical place in the lives of it's members and when the members are struggling with the burden of debt; it affects the church in many different ways.

The Painless Donation program stemmed from the idea of helping The Rainbow Covenant Missionary Church of Moreno Valley California raise money to support their projects and missions in these tough economic times. The Church was feeding the hungry and helping the poor and even taking teams into the projects and preaching to the lost.  The problem seemed to be that they were preaching to the poor, who get saved and come into the Church and stay poor.  When the Church stays poor, it's impossible to finance the programs that the Church needs to have in order to continue the ministry. The money that makes a Church run comes from the people in the Church. If none of them have any money, then the Church isn't going to do much. It can't afford to. In time, it won't have a ministry.

The Church had several members wanting to give more but neither the Church nor the individuals, most living paycheck to paycheck had a plan to get out of the bondage of debt and make giving more a reality.

By using the Painless Donation Program, the Church provided a way to raise needed revenues, a system for delivering continued monetary support for the future and allowed for nationwide donations.

 See the Painless Donation Debt Elimination System Presentation - Click Here

What makes us completely different than other programs like Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University?

The Financial Peace University class meets for nine weeks, one night a week.  Dave Ramsey, the entertainer, handles the teaching on DVD and a volunteer coordinator leads the discussion time using a step-by-step Coordinator Guide.  With Dave's program all the work is manual, time intensive and left up to you to instill the needed discipline and figure out what works best for you.  The key word here is with Dave's program, you have to manage your current situation. 

Our guaranteed program is taught by certified and licensed financial professionals. With our program, once you have gone through a simple set up of your current financial situation with one of our mentor coaches; our multi-million dollar software program takes over and does the work for you. Our program follows you, not the other way around and gives you a visual track to run on with detailed prompts and reminders to keep you on course to financial freedom. The main difference is that our program is 100% GUARANTEED to be THE FASTEST MATHEMATICAL SOLUTION TO ZERO DEBT!

The average person doesn't have time to complete workbooks, listen to CD's, go to months of weekly meetings or figure out how much money should go into an envelope. Our program is designed around what the average person can realistically do. There is little to no lifestyle change and the average person spends about 10 minutes per month on their program once activated.

Request a meeting

Contact Mr. Jesse Smith @ 405-816-6400 or you may feel free to send an email to to schedule a live private meeting with you and your top decision makers.  This is a FREE consultation.

Once the program is explained and understood, we ask that the pastor and/or directors select members (minimum 50 individuals) in their congregation they would like to help first by introducing them to the program. 

*The small investment for this meeting is only $25 per person and $40 per couple which will be donated to the Church in their name for each activated account. Our program does NOT have additional costs for books, CD's or workbooks like many other programs.

The only additional investment will be if the member chooses to procure their own personal debt elimination software.

We will set up additional meetings with the rest of the congregation and the surrounding community after the initial meetings.

                         The Painless Fundraiser Program:

If you have a need to raise funds that car washes, bake sales and dinners can not produce, our exciting Painless Fundraising program may be just what you have been praying for!

The Painless Donation Fundraising program is a FREE program that helps you and your non-profit organization create additional funding sources for your mission.

Program Requirements: Be a current 501 (C) Corporation, have a supportive organization and complete our sponsorship agreement after we show you the details of our program. 

*A Church without 501-C status must submit a copy of IRS documents showing its Employer Identification Number (EIN)

Program Incentives:

  • No start up, monthly or annual cost....TOTALLY FREE!!!
  • Generate weekly royalties!!
  • Generate monthly royalties!!
  • No monthly sales requirement!!
  • No book keeping or sales reports!!
  • Do not have to recruit anyone, ever!!
  • Generate $187,000+ per year in royalties!!

Enjoy watching The Painless Fundraising Presentation.  Click Here

Additional info for you and your supporters:  Click Here

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